The struggle to fight against cybersecurity breaches is real. There has been a concerning increase in data breaches of late. Since the onset of the pandemic, the FBI reported a 300% rise in cybercrimes like spear-phishing.

Business Insider

The end of passwords. AI or the internet of things: this is the maelstrom of trends that is accelerating the transformation of cybersecurity.

Yahoo Finance

Spear-phishing is a cybercrime that steals sensitive financial information via email. It targets people to click on a website link that redirects them to a site with malware.

Tech Times

In 2021, nobody is wiser than hackers and cybercriminals because passwords are easy fodder – and that’s a big problem for many businesses. If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, reading the news makes for a very worrying experience these days.

CEO World

By the year 2025, global cybercrime is predicted to cost as much as $10 trillion or more annually. Meanwhile the threat of ransomware in particular is rising significantly. Ransomware is a cybercrime in which the threat of publishing a victim’s personal information or blocking their access to it is made unless a ransom is paid.