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Cybersecurity is on everyone‘s mind since we live in a digital world. As more and more of our lives continue to migrate online, cybersecurity is becoming a top priority we must consider personally and professionally.

Business Insider

The end of passwords. AI or the internet of things: this is the maelstrom of trends that is accelerating the transformation of cybersecurity.

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Spear-phishing is a cybercrime that steals sensitive financial information via email. It targets people to click on a website link that redirects them to a site with malware.

Tech Times

In 2021, nobody is wiser than hackers and cybercriminals because passwords are easy fodder – and that’s a big problem for many businesses. If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, reading the news makes for a very worrying experience these days.

CEO World

By the year 2025, global cybercrime is predicted to cost as much as $10 trillion or more annually. Meanwhile the threat of ransomware in particular is rising significantly. Ransomware is a cybercrime in which the threat of publishing a victim’s personal information or blocking their access to it is made unless a ransom is paid.

Networking is fundamental

In the internet era, all of us have digital persona. Gone are the days of small talking your way into someone’s social or professional circle. In today’s modern world, our digital persona does all of the hard work for us.

Protect yourself from frauds

As we celebrate the ongoing growth of digital products, it is also important to remember the the dangers lurking on the internet. Many people have been so caught up in the upsides of the internet that they have completely ignored the downsides like scams, identity theft, spyware, hacking, and so much more.