What is the cost for Personal use?

Meveto is currently in a promotional period, so it is 100% free to use. Afterward, a Meveto license will be $5/month or $30/year. We believe that everyone has a right to protect their accounts, so we have made our product

Meveto is really cool. How do I get involved?

If you’re interested in getting involved with Meveto, feel free to contact us. You can use the red Contact Us button at the bottom right corner.

Meveto isn’t adapted to the websites I use yet, what do I do?

Meveto is working hard on expanding every day. You can help us a lot by reaching out to the websites directly and telling them that you wish to use Meveto instead of passwords. It is 100% free for ANY website

How does Meveto differ from 2-Factor?

Using 2-Factor means you are still having to remember a username and password which usually differs from website to website. You still need to remember the passwords in addition to enter a constantly changing code from the 2-Factor device. With

But I already use a password manager, why do I need Meveto?

Various password managers vaguely resemble Meveto. These are convenience tools, rather than security tools. All they do is remember your fixed passwords for you in one location, protected by another fixed password called your “master password”. However, both the fixed

What happens if I lose my phone? Am I still able to login to my accounts?

In most cases, nothing happens if you lose your phone. Phones today are protected by either Fingerprint or FaceID, and after a certain number of failed attempts, the phone will lock. You are still able to sign-in to your accounts,

What makes Meveto safe?

Meveto utilizes Private Public Key Encryption. Instead of passwords, every user has their own Private and Public key pair. The private key is only stored on your phone, and you do not need to remember it. Even if someone hacks

How does it work?

Meveto is not only safe, but it’s also VERY simple to use. In truth, it’s actually easier to use Meveto and be protected, than it is staying exposed and using passwords. Once you connect your Meveto account with the 3rd

Why is Meveto so important?

We don’t think it’s fair that everyone’s information is at risk every day! Do you? 81% of data breaches are caused by passwords. We decided to create Meveto to give you the ability to protect all your online accounts. By

What is Meveto?

Meveto is an authentication tool that eliminates the use of passwords, giving you the ability to easily, securely and quickly login to any account from any device. Feel free to watch our short video here.