Various password managers vaguely resemble Meveto. These are convenience tools, rather than security tools. All they do is remember your fixed passwords for you in one location, protected by another fixed password called your “master password”.

However, both the fixed master password as well as all the fixed passwords for all your 3rd party accounts are still subject to being hacked/scammed by key loggers/viruses, data breaches etc.

To make matters even worse, should anyone obtain your fixed master password, it would be very difficult to regain control of all your accounts. All your complex passwords are stored by your password manager, meaning you cannot remember any of them yourself, so you would have to spend weeks contacting all the individual websites for support, convincing them that you are the rightful owner.

At best password managers are a stop-gap solution to the real problem, fixed passwords.

Meveto completely resolves this issue by removing ALL passwords anywhere you use Meveto.