Cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds

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Over 5.8 Billion credentials were exposed in 2019 alone!

81% of data breaches are due to leaked or hacked passwords!
Roughly 50% of the typical help desk tickets are password related!
43% of all data breaches in 2019 specifically targeted small businesses!
Meveto gives your users a Quick, Safe and Easy login to your site
without the use of password!

Eliminate Passwords

With 81% of data breaches being due to passwords, just take passwords out of the equation. Forget about spending time worrying about resolving password related issues such as support or potential litigation concerns. 

Easy Installation

Just follow our self-setup guidelines and easily integrate Meveto into your own website for free!

Share Access

Easily give access to company employees, without giving away any credentials. 

Security Confidence

Remove your user’s passwords from the cloud, and rest easy knowing your company’s password related risks have been eliminated!

Work securely from anywhere!

With most employees now working from home, security is even more important. How does your company verify that the person signing in, is in fact the employee?