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Meveto can easily be integrated with many different businesses. Want to go passwordless too? Try it out for free!

Meveto is Quick, Easy and Secure!

No Passwords

No need to remember all those passwords! One click and you're logged in easily and securely.

Nothing to reset

No more resetting forgotten passwords! Just click Login, that's it.

Simple Dashboard

All your integrated accounts listed on one page, giving you easy overview at a quick glance!

Access from any device

Login to your account from any of your devices! Simple, secure and without any hassle!

Remote signout

Forgot to log out? No problem! Simply click 'sign-out' to log out of any or all active sessions at once!

Easy sharing

You can easily share your account with friends and family, without ever providing your personal credentials!

70 - 80 Passwords The average internet user has between 70 and 80 passwords

5.8 Billion Credentials leaked in 2019 alone

81% of data breaches are caused by leaked or hacked passwords